"Eva has a great deal of experience and hope to offer, and for me, she is helping me navigate a sudden, scary health condition. Now I definitely feel well informed but at the start I felt very much like I was catching up, waking through an alien heightened experience, and working through trauma from a hospitalization. Eva helped me break down each of the questions I have into manageable parts, so I could begin to see what is manageable and unmanageable in my condition, start to see how to not stay in crisis/survival mode all the time; she addressed my concerns about how to effectively speak to medical staff to be heard so I'm not shouting into a dismissive and repetitive void, and how to talk to my family with boundaries about very vulnerable changes in my life. Those were the concerns I had, and I'm sure that whatever a patient's situation, Eva would have something invaluable to contribute." 

"Eva Hagberg has produced a rare, haunting memoir, retracing the harrowing journey that has taken her from mysterious dizzying spells to frequent visits to the emergency room and doctors with arcane specializations. She writes with great precision but no trace of self-pity as she captures life at its most naked and fragile. Her terrifying experience also serves to remind us (women in particular) that diseases are by no means always psychosomatic; we need to take our bodies and their symptoms seriously and insist that doctors do so as well." 

""It's All In Your Head" is the best thing I've read in a long while. I finished the second half via audiobook, so I got to think about life, love, progress, and illness all while filing paperwork at my job. It made my day. Who woulda' thought a book about illness would bring me so much joy? Instead of telling the typical narrative of recovery, Hagberg focuses on the part that doesn't always fit into a classic narrative - the confusion and not being heard, the relationships that don't always work, the way trying doesn't always mean success. It is smart, funny, and real. Highly recommend to anyone interested in what it is actually like being a human being in the 21st century." 

"It’s All In Your Head, Eva Hagberg‘s thirty-six page Kindle Single, can be consumed in one sitting, like a tale told round a campfire, or a sad dinner with an old friend in which the conversation turns unexpectedly real. This isn’t life written into a story arc, with a climax leading to a clear resolution. This is a memoir of life as it comes, in messy starts and stops, riddled with mistakes and maybes, with no promises or cures."


"Citizens know that life in any city is all about relationships, not only between people, but also between people and places. Eva Hagberg offers a surprisingly fresh and original insight into architecture by collecting a peculiar group of interiors that, no matter how recently established, are able to zoom straight into people's memory and create a sense of belonging and familiarity because they feel like they have always been there—for you."

—Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art

 "Eva Hagberg has found a way to look at interiors with an analysis that combines psychology, style, fashion, architecture, and art. Instead of merely celebrating the stylishness of the spaces, she gives us an insight into why we want to be in them, and how the imagined and constructed past they contain is really about our present needs. This is as much a book about desire as it is about design."

—Roy McMakin, Artist

"A new book extolling the design trend of the past several years—a recreated, embellished vintage look incorporating brick, iron, wood, velvet, and fur—at last christens a genre of interior design seen from New York to Paris."

—Kelsey Keith, Fast Company