Maybe we could call it developmental editing/life chats? I have this ability to meet people wherever they are, and figure out where they need to go. I'm working with a young memoirist now on developing and understanding and writing her story of a life with Charcot-Marie-Tooth. And I'm also doing yoga privates with a friend of mine who has had five brain surgeries. And somehow those practices go together. I love working one-on-one with writers, people who think they can never be writers but know they have a book in them, people who used to be writers, with people who are going to be writers, with people who are putting words together and finding a story because that's the only way they'll ever make sense of things. And I do it with both my professional experience writing about my life and the lives of others, and my personal experience confronting and learning to live in and with all the weird abysses that were put in front of me. I'm comfortable with pain and suffering and, crucially, I'm just as comfortable with joy and ease.